This is a lifestyle blog. It’s about all the things I enjoy: faith, family, healthy living, yoga, great deals, culture, art, reality TV (yes!), beauty, fashion and humour.

On the Thoughts and Opinion page, you’ll read just that, my thoughts and opinions. I also will ask you what your thoughts and opinions are and I hope you’ll respectfully share. There will be polls on this page, too! I look forward to meeting people who enjoy a community of different opinions and beliefs.

On the Bountiful Living page, you’ll read my posts about yoga, my journey to total wellness, recipes, diet and nutrition, herbs and vitamins, the body and mind after 40 and anything relevant about health and lifestyle in your 40s.

Neat Finds is all about things I have found and want to share with you. From cool restaurants (in Atlanta), clothes, gadgets, money saving tips, hair, makeup to yoga products. If you live somewhere else, feel free to share your neat finds.

The Beautiful Things page will feature amazing photos, interior decorating ideas, designs, home tours, travel photos, fashion, shoes, bling, people, ideas, books…all things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to me!

On the Meditation Room page, I will post scriptures, thoughts, sayings, meditation videos and journaling prompts.

Watch This! will feature viral videos, funny and cute animal videos, helpful how-to videos, but mainly funny stuff to lift your spirits and get you smiling :-).

Here’s to an amazing life after 40!


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  1. Hi April – I wasn’t sure exactly where to leave this, but I have recently discovered you through Nancy at Alzheimer’s Wife and wanted to include you and your blog in my recommendations and nominations for the Quintet of Radiance Award at

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