Sunday Healthy Oatmeal Starter

Sunday Healthy Starter

I love Sunday mornings.  Usually, I go to church, cook brunch, hang out with the family and make a nice big Sunday dinner but today, all of that is on hold because I am home fighting a nasty cold (pray for me, please).

I am well enough to cook for myself but am not able to go out because I am still coughing and sneezing.  This morning is overcast and I feel as though I want something warm that will stick to my tummy and make me feel better.  That means it’s time for oatmeal.  I just finished off a delicious, warm bowl of oatmeal and wanted to spread the love (and not the germs)!

Oatmeal is so beneficial in helping lower cholesterol.  It’s high in fiber and full of anti-oxidants, boosts the immune system and prevents weight gain.  Here’s how I make it:

(Serves 2)

1 Fuji apple (chopped)
1 cup of organic steel cut oats
2 2/3rd cups of water
2/3rd cups of milk
dash of salt
2/3rd cinnamon stick
3 tablespoons of brown sugar, or to taste
Organic flax seed

In a pot, add water, milk, 1/3 of your chopped apples, salt, cinnamon stick and bring to a low boil for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Next, add the steel cut oats and bring to a boil for about another 1 minute.  Reduce to simmer. Let cook for about 25-30 minutes, partially covered. Turn off your burner. Let your oatmeal rest in the pot for 10 minutes, stir and add in brown sugar (as much or as little as you like).  Toast your organic flax seeds in a small skillet for 2 minutes or until they are warm.

Get out one of your favorite bowls and serve yourself from the pot. I will make a little oatmeal toppings bar out of the remaining apples, brown sugar, honey and toasted flax seeds. It’s fun to create it however you like: raisins, walnuts, etc., are also a good addition. Add toppings from your bar.  I will taste the oatmeal and add whatever I like to enhance the flavor and then drizzle the honey on top for the final bit of sweetness.  Yum! Here’s to your healthy Sunday morning.

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