A Guide to Organizing Your Closet

Fall with all its color and beauty is officially upon us, which means it is time to put away your summer digs and bring out your fall/winter clothes bins from the basement, or wherever you keep them.  As you’re sorting through your fall and winter things, why not have a fashion show and try on everything you’ve stored away before you hang them in your closet?  You might be surprised to find some of your clothes no longer fit or just don’t look quite the same.  I know I’ve tried on clothes I had stored away from last season and thought, why on earth did I think this looked good?  If you’ve outgrown your clothes or you don’t feel the same way about them anymore, put them in a “giveaway” pile and take them to a clothing bank.

After you’ve tried everything on and created your “keep” and “giveaway” piles, it’s time to put away what you’re going to keep in an organized fashion.  I’m not an expert, so I often rely on Pinterest for ideas. I typically find myself overwhelmed with all the information provided and end up pinning everything I see to my board so I can review later (which I never seem to get around to doing, LOL)!

The below infographic was my MOST pinned item from Pinterest and I thought I would share it with you.  I hope you find it helpful as you seek to start this season with an organized closet.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “A Guide to Organizing Your Closet

  1. I love fall because of all of the beautiful colors and textures of clothes. I have paired my closet down to one side for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter. I stopped buying trendy clothes years ago and stick with classic pieces w/ trendy accessories. That way I’m not starting over with a new wardrobe everu year.

    • When it comes to fall, I also enjoy wearing all the related colors and fabrics of the season. I pinned this particular info graphic to help me get organized and like wildfire, it spread and became my most popular pin so I had to share with the blogging community. I guess we are all trying to maintain order in our closets! 🙂

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