My New Favorite Atlanta Burger Joint

My husband and I love a good burger. When I first met my hubby, I swear (and he will deny this), he ate a burger almost every day! Now, of course, we strive to eat healthy, balanced meals; however, there are those days when nothing but a good, juicy burger will satisfy.

This particular day was one of those days. I was up for trying something new and so was he. We walked hand and hand into Farm Burger and right away were greeted by a super friendly hostess. She complimented us on our attire and correctly guessed we were out for a date night. (Yes, we get dressed up just to eat a burger and go to a dark movie theatre).

The atmosphere was what I call, “industrial casual,” meaning, I saw a lot of stainless steel, worn wood and glass.   The kitchen and bar were open to the small main dining area, but because the weather was so nice, we opted for the outdoor patio.

Farm Burger’s menu reminded me of my other favorite burger place, Yeah Burger. Like Yeah Burger, they serve only grass-feed beef and the cows are “never fed antibodies, hormones or grains,” according to the hostess.

We both ordered our burgers medium well with lettuce, tomato and their special sauce on a regular white sesame bun. For sides, we decided to share one basket of sweet potato fries.

If you’re a schmiddle–ager, meaning you are Gen-X, you will love the music they play here (at least when we were there). As Michael Jackson’s Thriller thumped in the background, my hubby and I talked about our day. It only took about two minutes before our order was ready.

“Wow, that was fast,” remarked my husband.

And then we started in on our burgers. Man, was I impressed! Not only was my burger juicy, it was well seasoned and their special sauce was a perfect complement, delivering a very flavorful bite. After my second taste, I decided I had found our new favorite burger joint.

Oh, and the sweet potato fries were also delicious. We will definitely be coming back again and again!

For more information on Farm Burger, visit their website at

My Top Four Burger Joints in Atlanta:

  1. Farm Burger
  2. Yeah! Burger
  3. Five Guys
  4. The Vortex

What are yours?



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