The World of Intuitive and Semi Intuitive Cooking


There are times when my DH and I can whip up a very simple dish that turns out wonderfully because we instinctively know what spices and herbs will make the dish tasty. I call this intuitive cooking. Then there are other times when I have to search on Google for specific recipes. If I Google, say, egg-plant curry, several ways to prepare the dish show up in the search results. What I do at that point is, I pick two or three recipes of the same dish I want to make, read the ingredients list, imagine the taste I am trying to achieve and combine the best ingredients into one recipe. This is what I call semi-intuitive cooking. Semi-intuitive cooking is building upon recipes already in existence and tailoring it to fit your personal tastes, using just your intuition. In this subsection of Bountiful Living, I’ll share both types of recipes with you.

I promise most of the recipes with be healthy and tasty.

So, here’s to eating, bountifully!


3 thoughts on “The World of Intuitive and Semi Intuitive Cooking

  1. Looking forward to your insight! (Just the other night, I made some BBQ sauce from scratch – only because I didn’t have any on hand… It was the BEST!) 🙂

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