Things I Treasure the Most…DAY 20, The Final Day

Things I Treasure Most…Day 20, The Final Day!


I don’t treasure things. There isn’t anything I have that if I lost, would effect me as much as my relationships with my husband, my parents and friends.

As I sit in the hospital room with my husband of nearly twenty years, this fact is more salient. He had been complaining of stomach pains for two days so I made an appointment with our primary care physician. We arrived at the doctor’s office at eleven in the morning and by noon we were in the busy ER. Four and a half hours later, after tests and CAT scans were completed, he was prepping for emergency surgery. We’ll be here for three more days.

This is our final day of the challenge so I really wanted to participate. Honestly, I really don’t feel my inspired, creative self. I am tired and just want to sit and be–be with the one I love, the one I cherish and the one who means the most to me, outside of my relationship with Christ. And sometimes, I feel more connected to my husband, if I were perfectly honest about my tendency to be out of divine order.

At the moment, my husband is pumped full of pain medication. He is awake but slowly fading into a deep sleep. I am by his side in a not-so-comfortable chair, in my yoga pants and sweat shirt (because it’s so dang cold in here).   I look over and see him looking so vulnerable. I love him. This man has been my rock and my support behind every whimsical, nutty idea I’ve wanted to pursue.

My hubby didn’t say one word when I quit my job to start writing a book. I told him my passion was writing and his response was to tell everyone I am going to be an author and writer and even told me to start saying what it is I really wanted to be, a writer, even before the book was completed and my blog fully developed.

He is my go-to-guy for everything. He fixes whatever is broken (and sometimes that’s me), kills the bugs, gives me hugs when I am feeling down, paints my nails, is my shopping buddy, makes me laugh until it hurts, never judges me or ridicules—I simply cannot imagine life without him. I am his Lucy and he is my Ricky Ricardo!

My honey is not perfect, but I’ve come to accept all sides of him, both good and bad and love him without condition. I feel that unconditional love more intense now. My thinking on the matter has become very clear. Sometimes when a loved one suffers physically, it becomes clearer than ever what your values are and what means the most to you.

Like I said, I won’t be writing a long post today. I just wanted to end the 20-day challenge by being a participant.

Thank you for reading my post and posts in the past. This has truly been an extraordinarily rewarding writing experience. I have enjoyed getting to read other 20-Day Challenge participant’s blogs. It’s good to know there are so many talented writers out there. I feel like I’m in good company.

Cheers and I look forward to reading you in the future!







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