BA2274-001Vacation Nightmare

Imagine yourself on vacation. It’s a sunny day and you’re on a cruise, you lean over the railing to watch a pod of dolphins happily swim by and you accidentally fall into the water. The cold, salty Atlantic Ocean churns you about but you fight make it to the surface and that’s when you realize you’re in trouble. You’ve actually fallen from the ship.
You thrash about and with ever fiber of your being, you scream–
“Somebody please help me!!! H-E-L-P!!! I’m in the WATER!!!”
Nobody hears.
The ship continues on.
You cry out again, praying someone will see you and save you.
You see people strolling about the ship. You spot a few sunbathers on their balconies and you entertain a hope you’ll be seen. You even think someone is looking in your direction, so you wave wildly in her direction, screaming for help, but no, she was just turning over to get more sun. It’s like you have suddenly become invisible.

As the monstrous ship forges ahead at what you didn’t realize was a pretty fast speed, it really starts to dawn on you that you are going to be left alone. You are going to die. This feels like a dream, you say to yourself. This really isn’t happening, I’m actually in my cabin sleeping. Soon, I’ll be awake and realize I had a very bad nightmare.

But as the ship enters the horizon and the sound of its horn blowing begins to fade into the distance, you realize the nightmare is real. You panic. You scream. You cry out to God. You are not ready to die! This doesn’t make sense, just minutes ago you were just safely ensconced on the ship and now you are wet, cold, alone and unprotected in the vastness of the ocean. You try to get your bearings. You circle about; there is no land in sight. You realize just how small you are and that no one will be able to find you.

Suddenly, large waves crash over your head one after the other and you spit gobs of salty water out of your mouth. You gag, cough, gasp and struggle for air. You are filled with terror, anger and confusion. Why me? Why is this happening to me? You beg for mercy, trying to make sense of what is happening to you. You cannot comprehend that you can feel so alive, yet be going to die.

You shiver as the water temperatures become frigid and your senses begin to dull.
Minutes pass and hope begins to slip away. You shut your eyes.
You start to imagine yourself warm again, drinking hot tea with your husband. You feel the gentle touch of his hand. You smile. You remember the day you adopted your son and took him home, his fat cheeks and toothless smile. You recall your wedding day, the laughter, the dancing. You remember graduating from college and your parents and grandparents proudly cheering as you walked on stage to get your diploma. You remember your senior prom, the dance and your first kiss…
You decide to remain with these memories and just let go.
Never to awaken and never to see daylight again as the blackness of the Atlantic Ocean claims you.




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