Death to Adverbs on a Lunch Date…Day 8

Death to Adverbs on a Lunch Date

I’m okay with a few good adverbs here and there and don’t quite understand what the fuss is all about. All I know is, they say don’t use ‘em, so I’m going to TRY not to.

My Lunch Date

We entered the restaurant just after the rain. I had just stepped in a puddle and my sandals were squishy. I don’t like to be cold and damp and was thankful for a moderately cool environment to welcome us upon entering the heavy glass doors. The short, cute hostess donning a long, wavy weave and gobs of make up, greeted us with a smile, asking us how many people were in our two person party.

We were asked about our day as she gathered two menus and guided us to our table. Fortunate for us, we missed the lunch crowd and were able to take a seat by a wall of windows that provided all the lighting the restaurant used.

The restaurant was modern in appearance with a slight Asian influence. The floors were a black and red stained concrete and the walls were a mahogany faux wood. Instead of feeling cozy, it felt dark to me and I clung to the light provided by the windows like a moth does to a candle’s flame. There were about four to five other patrons dining this afternoon and other than an occasional sound of conversation here or there, it seemed quiet, which provided a nice backdrop for a lunch date.

Married for almost two decades, my partner in life, my best friend and soon-to-be business partner, decided to take a break from work to help me with today’s writing challenge. We chatted on about nothing in particular and a little of business while we gulped down plates of sushi and salad.

What a nice way to spend an adverb-free afternoon!



7 thoughts on “Death to Adverbs on a Lunch Date…Day 8

  1. Okay. I am so glad I read this tonight before closing my eyes to rest! That was so romantic! Congrats on the longevity of your marriage and business venture, by the way! Total awesomeness! This reminded me to enjoy those precious moments with my husband of seven years. One day (20 years from now – Lord willing), I will write a story like yours. 😀

    ~ Angela

  2. I like you post, it was light and airy and I know exactly what you mean by “dark” furniture making a restaurant feel dark. But I do love me some sushi, thanks for the eye candy, now I’m hungry 🙂

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