A Note of Forgiveness…Day Five

To my dearest Monica, I forgive you, read a simple note I found in the parking lot of a famous grocer.  The note was written in perfect penmanship on a blank 3×5 card. It was a dry, arid day yet the note was ink stained and worn.  Had Monica read it, cried and held on to it for solace, only to lose it in a parking lot? I did a visual scan of the parking area and saw no one coming out of the grocery store or going in that looked as though they lost something important.  As I walked towards the store, I began to wonder what Monica had done that needed forgiving.  Did she offend a family member? Did she lie, cheat or steal from someone who trusted her? Perhaps…

Whatever the case was, Monica needed this note.  She needed to be reminded that no matter what bad she had done, someone loved her enough to forgive her and let it go. We all need forgiveness at one time or another in our lives. As I walked into the store, another thought occurred, what if the person who dropped the note had written it and was going to give it to Monica, but couldn’t?  Did they drop the note on purpose?  Should I just let it go and not bother?  Was I being used by God to give them another opportunity to give the note to Monica?  I laughed out loud at that notion.  But then again…


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