Playing in the Dirt!

Spring is here!

Remember Pike Nursery’s slogan with catchy tune, “come, play in the dirt again?” Every time I pass a Pike’s, that song pops in my head! Then if you add a warm, sunny day mixed with blue skies and the fact that it’s a weekend, I just might be pulling into a garden shop with my DH and the kiddo, just to wander around.

To tell you the truth, the weather around here has been anything but nice, in fact, it’s early May and I’m wearing a sweater in Georgia! Even though the weather has been sucky, my DH stuck to his plans to show our darling sweet pea how to plant flowers and tomatoes. Both my husband and I want to expose her to the wonders of gardening not only because it’s just a fun thing to do, it’s also healthy for her. Experts say the bacteria and microbes found in the soil helps build healthy immune systems in kids. If that’s the case, she’ll have one of the strongest immune systems around because she loves to play in the dirt!

On this overcast day, we decided to plant lily bulbs and one cherry tomato plant in a few pots we had from last year.  Some of you may think that’s not gardening, but to us city folks, yes, that’s what we mean by gardening!  The whole experience of getting in the dirt and planting is something we’ve always talked about but just never made the time to do.  My DH decided now that spring has come he was going to stop talking about it and just do it.  The plan is to start with gardening pots and move to raised gardens…

Our sweet pea is so thoroughly enjoying the experience and her new responsibilities.  She volunteered to water the plants daily and patiently wait to see what’s growing.  So far, the tomato plant has yielded tiny green “baby” tomatoes.  We are all excited about eventually picking a few and making a salad.  Our next trip to the nursery will be to get a few herbs and perhaps a bell pepper plant.  I’ll just need my blue skies and sunny weather…

Here are some photos to commemorate the occasion:

DH and Kiddo Gardening 1 DH and kiddo gardening 2 DH and kiddo gardening 3 Dh and kiddo gardening 5 DH and kiddo gardening 4



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