10 FREE Things to Do When You’re BORED!

By magictravelblog.com

By magictravelblog.com

I really don’t have much time to be bored, but sometimes continuing to do the same thing everyday gets B-O-R-I-N-G! So I started thinking about things I can do when I find a moment for myself or on a Sunday after church that had the potential to be entertaining but were best of all, FREE! Now, you can do these things by yourself (which is what I had in mind), with your friend or spouse or with your kids, just modify to fit the circumstance:

1. Take a walk. Meditate, pray, listen, breathe deeply.

2. Write an encouraging email to a friend.

3. Journal random thoughts for 1 to 2 minutes, read it back, laugh and get to know what’s really been on your mind.

4. Go to the public library, pick a topic you know nothing about, read about it for 30 minutes, enjoy learning something new in peace and quiet.

5. Pick an old DVD you haven’t seen in a while and watch it.

6. Wander through thrift, antique or garden stores-just don’t buy anything.

7. Try out a new recipe with ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

8. Take pictures with your phone, documenting neat things you appreciate about your house, garden or life.

9. Go through old magazines, cut out cute outfits or fabulously decorated rooms and make a scrapbook of future wants or desires.

10. Write a love note to your spouse or significant other.

What are some of your ideas?



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