Let it Go

Let it go

(Adele Dazeem-)Idina Menzel’s Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (EGOT) award-winning song is a winner to me not simply because the lyrics are about standing tall in the midst of a storm, freeing oneself from societal or personal expectations and being true to one’s own convictions–those themes are potent and inspirational.  However, without even hearing the lyrics of the song, those three words, “let it go,” ministers to the soul in a deep. lasting and profound way.   Let it go. Let it go. You can apply it to your life’s circumstances right in this moment.  Let it go. By the time you reach your 40s, you’ve lived enough of life to understand the way things work. Or so you believe.  Life still has lessons to teach us if we are willing to “let it go.”  Your fears, upsets, disappointments, divorces, illness, anger, apathy, indifference, trials, tribulations, whatever it is–LET IT GO.

It’s time to live. Let it go. Selah.


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